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- E.G White

Who are we
Filiae Dei (pronounced fill-yay day-ee) meaning; ‘Daughters of God’, is a vision for ministry that has grown from a desire to encourage, elevate and empower you as young women in your walk with God, pointing you to Jesus Christ and a saving relationship with Him. We are Young women, drawn together with the same passion; a desire to make God known to our younger sisters in the faith.

What we do
This ministry is for the purpose of educating young ladies about the intend that God has for the life of each of His daughters.

We provide a range of workshops, seminars and retreats  for young ladies, that vary from; fulfilling a very special role and purpose in their homes, churches, communities, and especially in the work of the gospel.
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If you would like us to visit your church, please Click here to contact us or email us at filiaedeiministry@gmail.com